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In a tough market, ecommerce stores face unique SEO challenges. Capturing converting traffic starts with a scalable, custom-fit ecommerce SEO strategy that optimizes across the board, from category pages with title tags and meta descriptions to site speed and Google Search Console management — all in partnership with an experienced ecommerce SEO company.
With an in-house team of SEOs, content writers, developers and designers, we're the #1 eCommerce SEO agency for a reason.

arketing your eCommerce website through SEO (search engine optimization) is just as important as the way your website looks and functions. SEO, when done correctly, has a significant positive impact on organic search visibility and online sales. With that being said, it’s important to choose a professional SEO agency that understands the nuances of search engine algorithms and is experienced in providing tangible results.

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Why Work With an Ecommerce SEO Company?

Data from the Ecommerce Foundation’s United States Ecommerce Country Report indicates that 88% of customers start their buying journey with search engines.

These buyers want to make an informed decision and are looking for reviews, comparisons, and other information that can help them purchase from online stores with confidence.

While paid search and display ads will bring some traffic to your website, ad blockers and ad blindness reduce the ROI of your advertising spend. And the minute you stop paying for ads, they stop driving traffic.


Common Barriers to Ecommerce Search Visibility

No matter which one of the ecommerce platforms you use, an ecommerce SEO agency can help you navigate potential pitfalls that impact your ecommerce website’s search visibility, such as:

Faceted Navigation
Filters are an effective way to guide users to the information they’re looking for. But if your technical search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t in order, they can generate something we call “index bloat,” which makes it difficult for search engines to find and index your important pages.

Structured Data
Prospective buyers seek product reviews to inform their purchase decisions. Structured data is an essential on-page SEO element to help search engines identify reviews for your products. If not implemented correctly, your product pages won’t stand out in competitive, commercial-intent search results.

The Benefits of Ecommerce SEO Services

Working with an ecommerce SEO company can bring enormous value to your business. Our customers experience distinct advantages in the market by partnering with us.

Connecting with the Right Shoppers
Your potential customers will never know your online store exists without an effective search engine optimization strategy. They may be ready to buy, but if your online store isn’t optimized for search, they won’t find your products in search results. The top job of a great ecommerce SEO company is making sure your business is easily discoverable to buyers.

Matching Intent to Your Buyer’s Journey
Your prospective customers are looking for different information at each stage of their buying journey. A comprehensive SEO campaign optimizes for targeted keywords at the top, middle, and bottom of your marketing funnel to help you build a healthy customer base and sustainably grow revenue.

What to Expect From Your Ecommerce SEO Campaign

What separates us from other ecommerce SEO companies is a focus on strategy. Anyone can offer you a menu of slap-dash tactics that don’t move the needle on your goals. We offer a unique methodology that brings everything together in a concentrated effort to build topical authority and search visibility for your business.

Your year-long ecommerce SEO strategy is front-loaded with goal-setting and an aggressive audit and keyword research schedule. Each subsequent SEO activity — from backlinking strategies to product page optimization — systematically maps to a focused set of keywords that support your objectives.

What About Ecommerce Content Marketing?

Content is a critical component of search success. That’s why we built an entire team dedicated to helping you generate the content to fuel your SEO strategy. Sustainable gains in search results depend on building topical authority that earns the trust of search engines and searchers alike. With Google’s helpful content update, generating high-quality content is more important than ever.

Flexible Content Services
Our content services flex to meet your team where it is. If you have internal writers that could use support to create optimized content, our content briefs provide everything they need to know to open up the organic search channel as a reliable distribution tool. No internal writers? No problem! We can generate the content you need to earn trust, build authority, and build long-term growth.

Don’t Forget Product Page Copy
Our SEO content services include optimized product pages. Supported by conversion target keywords, you’ll maximize opportunities to fill ecommerce shopping carts and increase sales. Paired with our conversion optimization services, the right content helps you translate traffic to revenue.

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In just 30-60 minutes, we’ll show you how we land page #1 rankings for your website. In our meeting, we’ll discuss your specific goals and reveal proven eCommerce SEO strategies that match your website structure, brand, and industry. We’ll show you exactly what we’ll do, how much it’ll cost, and how our SEO services will crush your competitors.


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