5 topmost Social Media Marketing Platforms for Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Just jumped-in to the business world? And searching for the best social media marketing platforms where you can easily introduce your business online to your target audience? Here’s a brief description of 5 topmost social media platforms that will surely help you out in building your brand awareness online. Every single platform is unique in terms of its functions, so plan your brand strategy accordingly.

1. Facebook as widely used social media marketing platform

Facebook is the right medium of communication to let your business get acknowledged through a powerful social media marketing strategy. Make your first move by creating a fan page or a business page of your business. And try to work with full devotion to give it a mind-blowing visual representation for a wonderful experience.

         People came for fun activities on Facebook. If you really want to divert their attention towards your brand, then you have to keep your brand voice and tone light and friendly. In accordance to it, infix the reality that Facebook marketing takes a long time period to bring organic reach to Facebook business page. That’s why it is necessary to put all your attention towards ad campaigns to get your desired results more quickly. It will not only helpful for bringing organic reach but will also increase sale of your products.

2. Instagram as Social media marketing platform

After Facebook, Instagram hits the ground of success in the world of social media marketing. Both of these applications are interlinked with each other and they work collectively to run successful ad campaigns for your business .Like Facebook, Instagram also allows you to share images and videos by building your own individual brand identity. Instagram would be a better choice for you either you are going to run a b2b business or b2C business. You can prove your social presence to billions of people by using its features like hashtag, Instagram story and Instagram live video.

3. Pinterest as social media marketing platform

Pinterest works both as social media marketing platform and a visual search engine. It is an ideal platform for business owners to increase traffic, boost sales and build brand awareness. It allows you to display products by creating unique and attention-grabbing pinboards. 81% of Pinterest users are female. So, when you are going to design any specific strategy for your brand, do remember these demographics and design accordingly.

4. Twitter as social media marketing platform

Twitter is a very useful social media marketing platform for brand positioning. It allows you to promote your brand content by providing links to your blogging sites, news updates and journals online. Advertising on twitter is a great strategy that assists you to reach towards your audience. Try to be as responsive as you can to answer the questions of your audience on twitter as it circles around two way flow of communication.

5. LinkedIn as social media marketing platform

Having a business LinkedIn page is as significant as having website of your business. Many professionals are active on LinkedIn just to expand their careers and network, but you can utilize it to promote your business online as well.

         You can generate lead for your business by posting engaging content and contributing in industry dialogue. Try to update your business page daily with content and blogs posts to build your brand awareness and connections with buyers.

So those are the topmost 5 social media marketing platforms for business highly recommended by our team of experts. If you are planning to start your own online business through these.